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Your journey with Tash begins here. Below is the menu of services and payment options. Tash accepts Venmo, PayPal, and credit card. Payment is required before the start of your session, and on or before the day of your party. If you have been offered a discount, coupon, or gift certificate by Tash, scroll to the bottom of the page and pay via the link provided. If you have any questions before you book, please check the FAQs page or, if you can't find your answers there, feel free to email tash@tarotwithtash.com and Tash will answer you as soon as she can.

Tarot Readings

Explore deeper insights and get help navigating life through a personalized tarot card reading. Readings are 15, 30, or 60-minutes long, and are tailored to your needs via in-person, phone, or email. Identify obstacles, create goals, and leave with a sense of clarity. Tash is an intuitive reader and works best with specific questions or focus areas, so come prepared to share what's on your mind.


Reduce stress and promote healing through the hands of a Reiki Master. Sessions are 15, 30, or 60-minutes long, where Tash's unique combination of hand placements will aim to clear energy blockages in the chakras while balancing the body on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.

MBTI Personality Assessment

Understand your personality preferences through the comprehensive Myers Briggs Type Indicator. After taking the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report followed by a detailed debrief and coaching session. Discover the most suitable relationships, careers, and life goals for your personality type. The same assessment and coaching opportunity that top executives receive across the globe is now available to you via Tash!


Hire Tash to do tarot card readings at your party! She will bring everything necessary and give tarot readings to all of your guests. The pricing varies based on number of readings, and please note there may be travel expenses.

Large parties (10+ people)

  • 5-10 minutes per person, 1-3 cards per person: $100 per hour

Smaller parties

  • 10 minutes per person: $15 per person
  • 15 minutes per person: $25 per person
  • 20 minutes per person: $35 per person
  • Note: Crystal parting gifts are available to participants!

Travel Expenses

There are no additional expenses for services within a 30-minute drive (one-way) from Tash's location. For travel longer than a 30-minute drive, there are additional expenses based on the extra time travelled.


Ideal for those who want readings on a regular basis (once every 4-6 weeks). Take advantage of bulk savings with one of Tash's packages:

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